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Singer Davido and some others have reacted to news of demunitive actors Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze better known as Aki and Pawpaw returning back to our screens.

Aki and Pawpaw in an Instagram post was contemplating on whether to return back to our screen with a movie or series to take the stress of most people away especially with all that is happening in the country every single day.

Their news of returning back to our screen with their talent to make everyone burst out of laughter seems to be what most people need in this trying time and Davido along with some others have reacted to the news.

According to Davido and some others they really need what they have to offer as they have been greatly missed and almost everyone wants something from them hence asking them to give us both a movie and a TV series.

Aki and Pawpaw are known to be very funny and has their memes all over social media therefore with the news of coming back to our screen to make us laugh once again has been accepted by almost everyone and we can’t wait.

Even though now Aki and Pawpaw are older than when they use to make us laugh, we believe they haven’t lost their sense of humor because of old age and are looking forward to see what they have for us to take away some of the stress in the country.

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