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Freddie Leonard is one of the finest actors in the movie industry and has many women drolling over him. Many have wondered why the fine-looking actor is still single and yet to tie the knot with a woman. While many have exaggerated that he is getting old, others have also concluded that he is not into women.

Freddie Leonard has vehemently denied countless times that he is married. A few months ago, Freddie Leonard took to his page to share some tips on relationships with his fans and followers. However, a fan dragged him for sharing tips on marriage and relationships when he is not married himself.

Reacting to the comments of the fan, Freddie Leonard commented, “@franklin.ogbodo I’m in a Good Mood, so I will ignore Your Idiocy. If u could read and Comprehend you would have noticed that I reposted from Someone’s page. And if u researched Further since it’s a SENSITIVE TOPIC u would have also seen that I reposted from a Married Person..”

“Since I’m not married yet, and in ur Little unexposed Head, only Married Persons have Sense and are qualified to comment on marital Issues. Data is Cheap, Social media is Free so All kinds of Untrained Animals come to comment on people’s pages. I WILL GET MARRIED WHEN U MAKE IT IN LIFE LIKE YOUR MATES, COS YOU’RE CLEARLY FAR FROM IT! You wanted My Attention, now u have it.”

However, the Instagram blogger has exposed the actor who appears to be hiding his marriage to the public. Cutie has shared a photo of the marriage certificate of the actor who married on the 24th of September, 2020.

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