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Citizens have reacted sadly to photos of Wizkid‘s second baby mama and his second son King Ayo Jnr expressing disappointment in Wizkid.

It’s been full of mixed reactions after the photos went viral online as most citizens express disappointment in Wizkid for neglecting his family as they think his child and baby mama look unkept despite all the money he has.

Wizkid as we all know hardly gets time for his first and second sons but is always having fun with Zion his 3rd son and citizens reacting to the recent photo of King Ayo Jnr expressed how disappointed they are in him for neglecting his kids.

According to some, even if he doesn’t like the baby mama’s anymore which is obvious, he should at least take care of his kids and show them more love than neglecting them and being a deadbeat father to King Ayo Jnr and Boluwatife.

Some were also talking about the striking resemblance between him and his son King Ayo Jnr but the fact that Wizkid doesn’t show love to his kids as some other artists do makes them feel disappointed in him.

Wizkid was recently missing that the birthday party of his own son whom he claimed to be his first love, and now these photos of King Ayo Jnr and his mother have made citizens concluded that he has neglected them and is only concentrating on Zion his favorite.

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