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Citizens have dragged a psychopath who bullied Simi and her daughter Deja after she shared lovely photos of her to celebrate her birthday saying if this is the baby she has been hiding all along.

The psychopath troll reacting to the beautiful photos of Simi’s daughter Deja bullied her insinuating that she isn’t beautiful but her mother was hiding her for a whole year asking if this is the baby Simi has been hiding all this while.

Citizens reacting to the comment of the troll dragged her for bullying Simi and her daughter Deja saying psychopaths like her are the reason why Simi and some others don’t show the faces of their children online.

Such comments as this are one which Simi is good at ignoring but then her fans and loved ones didn’t let it slide at all hence slamming and dragging the troll for hiding her face behind makeup and filter but rather is bullying someone’s beautiful daughter.

Most people prayed to have a daughter like Simi’s child Deja after she shared photos of her to mark the first birthday but guess this psychopath wasn’t satisfied with what she saw hence decided to bully them but wasn’t allowed to go Scott free.

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