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A Citizen has reacted furiously to photos of actress Nuella Njubigbo looking all happy and glamor after leav ing her husband Tchidi Chikere to Ghana.

Nuella Njubigbo was reported to be having issues with her now estranged husband Tchidi Chikere and has finally left him for Ghana to cool herself after taking off his name and title as a wife from her bio on Instagram.

A curious fan reacting to the photos of Nuella looking happy asked whether is now that she wants to start living her own life after leaving her husband and enduring all the beatings and horrible things done to her by her husband.

Just a few days in Ghana and Nuella is already glowing looking beautiful and some fans and loved ones of her are really happy for her for taking that bold decision and leaving her abusive marriage to find happiness herself.

It seems most of our female celebrities turn to find themselves after an unsuccessful relationship as they travel to enjoy and find their own happiness after having an unpleasant relationship and that is the case of Nuella now.

Even though her husband Tchidi has claimed that the allegations of abusing his wife weren’t true, Nuella leaving the marriage and taking of his name and title as a wife from his bio says a lot and confirms that their marriage has crashed.

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