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The area fada Charly Boy has revealed what happens when a person is too desperate for marriage and is willing to do anything to have one.

According to Charly Boy, when you are desperate for marriage, the devil packages one of his cousins for you to marry hence advising desperate ladies especially to be careful when it comes to marriage.

Charly Boy warning against bad marriages said many demons are roaming the streets right now therefore one should be careful when it comes to marriage and not rush to take the devil’s cousin home as a partner for life.

Marriages of late are full of problems and to avoid all that, Charly Boy has advised that one should be very careful and take their time before settling down with anyone who would be their life partners for the rest of their lives.

Adding that when you are too desperate about marriage, the devil will package one of his cousins for you to marry therefore you should be careful because many demons are roaming in the streets now so take your time.

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