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According to sources, the herbal expert made the post after a big birthday party for her second born, who turned 12 years old. The mother of six got her fans talking after she shared amazing pictures of their daughters and sons.

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

Swipe: Yes you all know am a mother of six wonderful children already But have you ever seen them? Maybe i have posted them once here and if you are always on my live videos you probably have seen them all often. Let me officially introduce them!

Meet my amazing children (3 girls and 3 boys) God blessed me with. @petersleonnie Leonnie Ohunene Peters(1st born),Amazing Grace Omeneke Peters(second born),Joseph Peters(3rd born),Divine Mercy Oziohu Peters(4th born),Simon Simpa Peters(5th born) and Leonard Oricha Peters(Last’6th born).

The lady directly Beside me is my younger sister whom I have brought up under my roof since she was 6years old till forever,Khalikat Ahamed(23 years old now)!!!! Say a prayer for them all for me and I will surely pick up your names and pray for each and every one of you in return too

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