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Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to consider the advice of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party and other concerned Nigerians as the solution to the crisis does not come from only one source.

Mr Saraki spoke at a world press conference of the major opposition party in Abuja as he made it known that the bandits do not kill among party lines as they kill those they know to be in the opposition.

He made the submission that the opposition PDP would continue to put pressure through constitutional means in telling the government what they need to do right for the nation to get back on its winning ways.

In his words: “When we talk about security, it’s not about political party. It affects all Nigerians, People who are losing their lives, I am sure some of them do not belong to any political party. We will not get tired because when we see changes in the world, it has come through constitutional means, It might look like a long journey, but eventually, the truth will prevail, and the right thing will be done.”

“So, that responsibility of government is to all of us as Nigerians, and we are speaking on behalf of all Nigerians that the right thing needs to be done. We will continue to do that through conscious constitutionally agreed procedures.” he added.

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