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Son of former presidential aid Doyin Okupe, Bolu Okupe has asked those criticizing him for kissing his boyfriend in public to drink bleach and jump in a river.

Bolu Okupe got criticized by a lot of people for sharing a photo with his boyfriend kissing telling him that what he’s doing is morally wrong as Africans don’t regard gays and sees them as if they are possessed or a sin.

But Bolu Okupe seems not ready to listen to what they have to say hence has asked all those who have a problem with him kissing his boyfriend in public to drink bleach and jump into a river so they can’t see them anymore.

According to him, if it’s okay for a straight guy to kiss his girlfriend in public, then it’s okay for him as gay to also kiss his boyfriend in public because he doesn’t see anything wrong with that and their sexuality as well.

Bolu Okupe is determined to be the voice for the voiceless gays in Africa that are hiding their sexuality because they wouldn’t be accepted and that is why he’s trying his best to defend himself even though he knows he won’t be accepted in Nigeria.

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