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Blogger Blessing Okoro, has warned Nigerians ahead of the shock she’s going to give them on her 32nd birthday asking them to buy data for her.

Blessing Okoro seems to be pilling things up for Nigerians who mocked and dragged her for claiming a house belongs to her when she actually had no idea who the owner is and is going to shock them on her 32nd birthday.

According to Blessing Okoro, on her 32nd birthday, it’s no more going to be audio but rather a video to show them that the house they shamed her for stealing she has now built that same house and is going to show them how great she is.

She posting asking whether citizens remember the house she was accused of stealing, she has now finished building the house and is asking those who were dragging and shaming her in the past whether they have bought a land.

Blessing Okoro went ahead to brag that she does it differently and is going to shock us all on her 32nd birthday and this time around it’s going to be video and not audio to prove that she can make it big.

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