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Nigerian sex and relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has taken to her page to express shock over the birthday gifts and love she received from loved ones during her birthday.

Blessing Okoro turned 32 a few hours ago and took to her social media page to share stunning photos of herself looking all young. She shared the photos and also captioned her post talking about herself and opening up about her background.

In a lengthy post, she wrote…….

“Let me write a short note about myself. Was born on 23rd May 1989. Graduated from the University of Calabar. Worked with the Nigerian police force pensions. Married and divorced.
Mother of 2 boys. Resigned and started my own professional practice as a relationship therapist.
Own the first therapy lounge in Africa. @breakormakeups @breakormakeup_therapylounge
The most talked-about therapist in Africa.”

“The strategy is to talk about me so much then start talking to me. I am an untold story, filled with content and lessons, I am a fighter and a record-breaker, I dare to be different I hate to be normal. I am MAD (making a difference). I don’t give up. I am consistent in my craft. I am Blessingceo Different from ur regular and today is my birthday. Love u all for ur support and love 🙏.”

A few hours after sharing her dashing photos to celebrate her birthday, Blessing Okoro shared another photo thanking her loved ones for the gifts and love they showed her. According to her, she didn’t know she is loved by people but the love shown her on her birthday was overwhelming.

She wrote, “You people will kee me with love ooo. Not an actress. Not a musician. Over 200k worth airtime. Credit alert. Gifts 🎁 😳. I taught they said they hate me 😂😂, the love one kee me. Wait let me rush and bathe, I have been sweating from hugs, dance, and prayers. If you see prayers. Jesus 🙏🙏. I did not pray today ooo.

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