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In a copy of the disclaimer, Baba Ijesha said that he never disclosed Ogunlana was his legal representative. He said that he never instructed the lawyer to act on his behalf in his trial moments.

“I wish to state categorically and emphatically that I have never briefed the lawyer nor instructed him to act on my behalf in any way, or manner howsoever and whatsoever.

“He (Ogunlana) is not my lawyer, and whatever you heard or hear from him concerning my lawyers, the police or court case does not represent the true position. He has been acting without my knowledge or consent,” he said.

According to Baba Ijesha, the police never demanded money from him for bail which was granted to him by the magistrate as lawyer Ogunlana disclosed publicly.

“This is aside from the N500,000 refundable bail bond which formed part of my bail conditions ordered by the court. The bail bond is payable to the court registry’s account and not the police account,” he said.”

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