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A Nigerian strategy expert known as Ayo Bankole Akintujoye has insisted that not all divorces are failed marriage.

Ayo Bankole maintained his stance after Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced their separation on social media and according to Ayo Bankole the two successful business partners are an example of his statement.

Though he admitted that he is heartbroken by the news of their split, he does not subscribe to the school of thought that Bill and Melinda Gates marriage was less successful or failed comparing it to another union who stuck together till death but where a party suffered or lived in misery.

Bill and Melinda Gates announce end to their 27yr marriage. Project managing projects funded by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in West Africa to ensure funding efficiency was one of the highlights of my career. So sad to read this end to a union that impacted the world.

In a series of tweet, he wrote;

I’ve always argued that not all divorces are failed marriages. Bill and Melinda Gates is one example of that. Their marriage was long, fruitful, and & impactful. Now going apart to seek greater happiness isn’t equal to failure. Divorce is NOT always failure.

There are many sides to marriage, If you spend decades with someone, had fruits (kids), raised them to the best you can, made billions, co-founded a foundation that impacted the world, etc, and peacefully separate without violence or bitter animosity, I don’t think it’s failure.

I do not believe such a union is less successful or failed in comparison with another union who stuck together till death but in which one or both parties suffered or lived in misery. Many just live along & exist in the marriage till old age or death comes.

That isn’t success, or at least not bigger success than those who lived a successful path on many other elements of the union and went apart of their own accord. The idea of failure in every divorce is what makes many couple coexist in unions that have technically crumbled. End.

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