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Activist Amara, The Lesbian has lamented over the shame and humiliations she goes through every day over her sexuality saying she’s not a sin.

Amara The Lesbian sharing some screenshots of comments she gets everyday cried that she’s not a sin for people to be praying and preaching to her because of her sexuality as being a lesbian is not a sin for her to do through that.

According to her, Christians go out of their way to shame her or make her feel like she is a sin, and even sometimes she wishes to scream, but she will answer all these demons attacking her because she’s a lesbian playfully.

The screenshots Amara the lesbian shared show she tried her best to reply to all those who commented on her page, rebuking her of being a lesbian, asking God to forgive her, and telling her what she’s doing isn’t right.

But Amara seems to know what she’s up to hence replied all the comments rebuking her savagely but then has lamented over how these comments make her feel like she’s a sin saying she isn’t a sin hence they should stop attacking her.

Gays and lesbians aren’t accepted in our part of the world hence are sin as sinners therefore Amara should prepare herself to go through worst than this since she has come out as a lesbian because a lot of people will shame her because of that.

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