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The richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote has revealed that he struggled and made his own money as he didn’t inherit anything from his late father who died when he was at the age of 8.

Aliko Dangote in an interview revealed that even though his father made a will before dying, he gave all that he left to him to charity and worked to have his own money and not depend on what his father left him when he was young.

According to him, his father died when he was at the age of 8 years and he struggled to make it on h is own to become the richest man in Africa and is still as it appears Africa isn’t growing and no one is able to compete with him for now.

Aliko Dangote’s words might sound untrue to some people but the fact that he worked really hard to be where he is today can’t be disputed because he couldn’t have become the richest man in Africa if he didn’t work with what his father left him.

Aliko Dangote is one person who doesn’t boast of his riches just like some billionaires across the globe and is not the social media type as even his kids are hardly seen boasting of their father’s wealth or flaunting it on social media.

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