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BBNaija star, Alex Unusual, has warned the government ahead of what she plans to do saying she will flog any child she sees on the street and forcibly tries to clean her screen.

Alex Unusual who seems not pleased with how the children are scattered on the streets with no training and forcing themselves on people who pass by announced that she will one day come out of her car to flog training into any of them.

According to Alex Unusual, one day she will come down from her car and flog training into one of these children that forcefully clean cars in traffic then leave the foam or scratch the cars when you don’t have the cash to give them.

Alex Unusual in her post said she usually makes excuses for them as she understands that they aren’t taught to do better but it’s frustrating and it’s also the duty of the government to get these kids out of the streets but no effort is being made.

Adding that before anyone sees any video of her flogging any child on the street and calls her wicked for doing that, she has announced it for something to be done about it if not she will flog any child that does that to her car.

Alex Unusual’s post is directed at the government but then individuals can also help in training these kids to do the right thing before expecting money from others rather than scratching the screens of people’s cars.

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