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Nigerian rapper, Ajebutter22, has shared his mom’s reaction for being a groomsman once again making it the uncountable time of being a groomsman.

Ajebutter22 shared how shuttered his mom was upon seeing a photo of him being a groomsman at a friend or close pal’s wedding again as it appears he has become the option for everyone in his circle when it comes to groomsmen.

His mother didn’t go straight to the point but then said he’s becoming a professional groomsman that means he has become the hope of every groom in his circle that they will always call on him to be part of their bridal team always.

Being a groomsman is just fun but then when it becomes too much everyone turns to look at you in a certain way wondering if you won’t settle down yourself that you are always being a groomsman at other’s wedding.

Sometimes, married men get to be groomsmen but mostly they use single men hence when one becomes a groomsman over and over again in the case of Ajedutter22, then people get to wonder when they are getting married as well.

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