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Weeks after undergoing surgery in Dubai, young actress Regina Daniels has been supposedly hospitalized again according to a post she made.

Regina Daniels shared a photo of her hand saying she’s down and looking at her hand it’s clear she has been hospitalized but no one knows what is wrong with her at the moment that has gotten her hospitalized just weeks after having surgery.

Fans are worried for her as no one knows the kind of surgery she went for in Dubai and now has been hospitalized wondering if she has been hospitalized as a result of complications from her surgery or it’s something else.

She posted this on her Snapchat and actually got her fan worried with the post and the photo she shared doesn’t say whether it’s serious or not but the fact that she was able to share a photo shows it’s not that serious.

Regina Daniels has been going through a lot lately based on photos and videos she shares on her social media handle and now has been hospitalized for reasons yet to be known. We wish her a very speedy recovery.

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