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Popular Nigerian director, actor and producer, Afeez Owo has accepted an offer made by Mr. Macaroni to give 5 million naira in exchange for his wife, Mide Martins.

Mide Martins and Afeez Owo attended the grand wedding of actress, Abiola Adebayo and Mr. Macaroni was also a guest at the glorious event and they decided to catch some fun together.

Mide Martins took to her Instagram page and shared a video of herself and Mr. Macaroni making jovial comments about after happily dancing together on the dance floor and Mr. Macaroni was heard offering her 5 million naira if she agrees to follow him home.

However, Mide Martins objected, citing that his finances are not blossoming enough but before they could settle on a decision, her husband Afeeze Owo appeared on the scene and jokingly said he would accept the money as he tried calling out his bank details, and they all smiled at each other.

Mide Martins on her Instagram page wrote:

Popcy Yaff Sold His Wife To @mrmacaroni1 Because Of 5million naira Thank you lord for today!!! @biolabayo1 Wedding ceremony we had fun!!!

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