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Adetutu shared screenshots of the conversation she had with this man who slid into her DM and the reason the man gave for wanting to sleep with her was because he wanted to explore having sexual intercourse with her because of her ‘ugliness’.

The top model intentionally played along with the man and demanded for his pictures because he wanted to be sure he is not a kidnapper who would want to use her for rituals.

The man in his response raised questions of having to be called out on social media in the end and apparently their chat went south and began begging for fear of having his home ruined when his name pops up so he changed his name on social media.

Sharing the screenshots, she captioned;

‘I have been waiting for this person to open their page for over two hours and I’m impatient about it. My friend told me to play along until I get his pictures.

He sent them but I don’t want to believe the pictures he sent are his because?!!! How can you call me ugly when you look like rat?!!

Clout chasers in my DMs and it’s funny and not funny. I have the ones telling me to come to Dubai. Una wan kill me.

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