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The singer has taken to her Facebook page to share her views on the ongoing brouhaha. According to her, there’s always a Baba Ijesha in every entertainment industry. She stated that the act of Baba Ijesha can be found everywhere and the most frustrating reality is that those who normally defile the under-age are not distant fellows they are people closer and people who are trusted.

In a lengthy post, she said…

That the story is real is even more sickening. I had thought it was one of those skits plotted too hard or just one joke too many. When I read that, Mr. Lanre Omiyinka, a.k.a. Baba Ijesha sexually assaulted a girl as little as seven and walked the poor soul through the same experience for another seven years, tears streamed down my face.

“To make matters worse, as if the entertainment industry is rife for blacklisting, another Yoruba actor was also almost immediately reported to have impregnated a 16-year-old. Understandably so, those who know so little about my industry are having a swell time saying it parades fellows of low discipline or no discipline at all. No, that’s not who we are.

“A man is a man, an industry is an industry. There are pedophiles everywhere we turn- we have them in the banks, sports, churches, mosques, among those who we call ‘mechanics’, ‘carpenters’, and in every facet of our lives. The sad reality is those who defile the under-age are not distant fellows, they’re those close to us and all of whom we trust.

“I do not want to cast a stone as there are dire consequences already. I only pray for the redemption of the poor teenager, comfort for the grieving mother, and restitution for the perpetrator who’s almost certainly going to spend the rest of his life in prison and in guilt”.

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