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Actress Rosy Meurer after warning that she will insult the father of anyone who insults her husband Olakunle Churchill has insulted an IG user who wanted to know if Olakunle Churchill lasts 2 seconds.

Recall Olakunle Churchill’s ex-wife Tonto Dikeh alleged that he lasts only 2 seconds in bed when their marriage was scatted and the IG user being so curious to ask his then-sister now wife Rosy Meurer whether he last 2 seconds in bed

But just as she warned in an earlier post, she insulted the IG user which led to the banter between them both insulting each other but it got to a point the IG user was sensible enough to end it but Rosy Meurer continued insulting the father of the IG user.

The IG user also went so far as to make Rosy Meurer angry by asking whether she married her then brother because she was also curious to know if it’s true he lasts 2 seconds in bed as claimed and as usual, she insulted the IG user.

Rosy Meurer should have ignored the IG user at some point in their banter but continued to drag and insult the father of the IG user whenever he/she asks her any question or indirectly shames and insults her and that doesn’t speak good about a wife prepared to fight for her husband’s dignity.

Her way of fighting for her husband’s dignity on IG by insulting the father of anyone who insults him because he’s also a father isn’t the best approach at all but then Rosy Meurer has already made up her mind and is insulting people online already.

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