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A Soldier has been arrested for killing a businessman who offered him a lift in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State.

According to reports, the army officer reportedly killed the businessman and took possession of his vehicle after the ride on Sunday, May 23.

SURGENIG NEWS NIGERIA gathered from a source that the suspected officer was hunted down and apprehended at Ukanafun LGA on Tuesday, May 25 and the vehicle along side the rifle was found on him.

The source SAID;
“The incident happened on Sunday; a motorist offered a serving army officer a ride in his vehicle, not knowing that he was going to kill him. They got to place, the army officer attacked and killed him and after killing him dumped his corpse by the way side,”
“The attention of the police was drawn to the scene and they swoopped into action and recovered the corpse and later deposited it at the mortuary for preservation.
“On Monday, the deceased relatives came to the police in Ikot Abasi for assistance. Fortunately, the vehicle had a tracking device, so the police assisted them in tracking the vehicle.
“They tracked the car to Ukanafun LGA, where they surrounded the place and arrested the armed officer, recovered the vehicle, and an AK-47 rifle from him,” the source added.

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