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A recruiter who was approached by a young lady who begged for a job for her fiance has been left in awe about the girl’s tenacity.

Taking to Twitter to share the story of the lady, Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo revealed that the lady approached him at the supermarket and asked him if he could help her man secure a job.

She told Gbenga that the man is hardworking, honest, and very down to earth. In response, Gbenga asked her if the man could drive, to which she said yes.

Gbenga; ”Two days ago, a lady approached me at the supermarket I was with my children.

I had picked them from school and they had asked for an ice cream treat So we went to the supermarket to get some. The lady said; “Good afternoon sir, I don’t know if you can help a young man get a job He is hardworking, honest, and very down to earth He can drive, work in a supermarket like this, or do any other thing you have in mind…

I said, “He can drive?” She said yes So I gave her my phone number I told her to give it to this young man.

The young man called me an hour later We talked. I asked someone to do a background check and another to interview him He came out quite clean. I gave him a job as a driver, with a very good pay He resumed this morning At about 2pm, he drove me to the supermarket I needed to pick up some things Guess who came to me in tears? It was the lady.

She said “God bless you sir, thank you for helping my fiance with a job, he is a very good man and will be a blessing unto you” I said Amen. When is your wedding? I asked her She said we should have gotten married since but for his lack of a good job.

The date we are looking at now is August 28, 2021 This job is all we need to make it happen I prayed with her and wished them well When I got back to the car, I asked if he knew how blessed he was to have such a lady in his life He said “Sir, I would have committed suicide if not her.

She is my younger sister’s friend One day, after several years of frustration and failure at every turn, I decided it was time to end it all I took some poison and was already vomiting some blood in our sitting room She came to check if my sister was home and stumbled upon me in that state.

She dragged me by herself out of the house and shouted until she got help She rushed me to the hospital and prayed until I survived after three cold days Since that time she became my family She led me to Christ She shared her salary with me every month (Equally) and helped me until i got back on my feet I got a job somewhere in Simawa about six months ago.

The job was very demanding and risky I took it because I don’t want to be idle Since that time she had taken it upon herself to get me a better job and she succeeded two days ago I am very grateful sir and i know i owe her everything I listened to him patiently, praying that he would always remember the role she played in his life as he rises steadily to the top.

My wife played the same role in my life in 2012, that was how I got my first job May God bless all The glorious women who go out on a limb to support, help, grow with and build with their spouses Amen.”

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