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A Nigerian lady has narrated a story to relationship expert, Joro Olumofin on how her date with a man took a left turn.

The lady whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report had been talking to the guy for several weeks as they were going out.

Unfortunately for her, whilst in their journey to a place, she mistakenly farted in his car and in her bid to let it slide, she tried to make a joke out of it which angered him and leading to her eviction from the car.

Here’s what she narrated;

“First of all, abuja guys are fake and please beware of them. Please so fake smdh ! I have learned my lesson, he even blocked me again. Let me finish now I feel so angry and he’s lucky I don’t lay good curse o him. This guy came to pick me, we have been talking for weeks, we were going out.

First of all when I entered his car I forgot to wear a mask, he said I should go back inside my house to get a mask when he had 2 extra. I ask him for his he said no. I was already like red flag.

I sha went and got it, when I came back, we started going out. I farted in the car, It was a mistake, I now asked him why he farted he said it’s of him. I said why is he lying , that’s how Oga vex o. I .aid I was joking he said no and drop me at home. I am .o angry.

I went to his WhatsApp to see his status Oga .locked me from there. have been thinking of what to do to him since. He Make me feel funny. as I at fault? I beg please answer thought he was joking, I stood outside my gate for 5 minutes or so he didn’t come back”.

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