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A Female Corp Member Shares How A Married Man Cooking For Her.

A side chic with no iota of shame has shared on social media how the married man she’s sleeping with is displaying his culinary skills in the kitchen in furtherance of the love they share together.

Apparently, the man was cooking noodles for her and she happily recorded and shared the clip online. The video was shared along with the caption, ”If your husband is tall and dark in complexion, drives venza, he is in my compound right now cooking indomie for a corper.”

The lady identified as Olawunmi gave thanks to God as she commenced her mandatory one year service, and revealed that although she is the last born, her grace made it possible for her to serve before everyone else in her family.

Her self glorification which seems hollow to some extent has angered a lot of people after she said; ”Last born of the Family but First to serve. It can only be “GRACE” God who did this would do yours too o.”

However, her post offended citizens some of whom blasted her for making a needless comment refracted along the prism of religion.

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