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OAP, Toke Makinwa, has slammed a guy who called her stupid for calling Baba Ijesha a rapist based on what someone said saying he should be jailed too.

Toke Makinwa reacting to the stance of Yomi Fabiyi over the molestation allegation against Baba Ijesha said he’s a disgrace and a complete idiot for defending someone who has accepted that he’s guilty of molesting a child.

A nosy fan of hers reacting to that said all those who call Baba Ijesha a rapist based on what a harlot said is stupid and that includes Toke Makinwa who also condemned Baba Ijesha and Yomi Fabiyi for their action.

Toke Makinwa replying to the useless guy called him a rapist as well saying he should be jailed too as people like him are the reason why those who have been molested find it difficult to come out because they won’t believe them and will demand evidence.

Demanding evidence from 11yr old girl to prove she was molested is just like killing her because there’s nothing she could use to prove unless a doctor steps in to prove her innocence and that will even prevent them from opening up when something like that happens as Toke Makinwa said.

As parents, we have to educate our children and give them a good sexual education having a good relationship with them, and believing them so they can be able to open up to you if something like this ever happens.

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