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Rita Edochie has warned those calling her out that they will be next on the line.

The actress has been attacked online following the death of Ada Jesus. Recall that late comedienne Ada Jesus had accused Rita Edochie of conniving with Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere Odumejeje to stage miracles. She also claimed she helps Rita get men to sleep with her.

She later became ill with kidney disease and her family took her to Odumejeje’s church to beg for forgiveness. Odumejeje and Rita Edochie initially refused to forgive but eventually did after being pressured by Nigerians. Unfortunately,  Ada Jesus passed on April 21 and critics directed their outrage at Rita Edochie.

The actress replied on Instagram by sharing a video of a young man criticising those who have been calling her out. She warned in the caption that those calling her out will be next in line.

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