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Reno Omokri has criticised the Buhari administration for having misplaced its priorities in governing the nation.

Taking to his Instagram page, he listed a couple of things the government has neglected and given attention to the less important things the nation needs. He lashed out at Buhari for showing partiality to some people and ignoring some groups for their terrorist acts.

He captioned his post as: Nigeria is broke, yet we are building Railways for Niger
– Herdsmen kill Nigerians unprovoked, but it is IPOB Buhari bans
– Gumi incites Muslim soldiers against Christian officers, but it is Bishop Kukah government attacks
– Nigerian schools are unguarded, making it easy for bandits to abduct innocent students, yet APC members have armed guards
– The Nigerian Army kills Ikonso, but gives skills to so called repentant Boko Haram members
– Bandits can drive hundreds of kilometres with hundreds of schoolchildren in the North, but you can’t drive 5 miles in the SE without meeting a military/police roadblock
– EFCC can invite Rochas Okorocha, but can’t invite Bola Tinubu

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