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Nigerian gospel singer, Quincy Tebite Dtisio and his wife have welcomed their first child after 27yrs of marriage and are thankful to God.

The couple sharing the good news thanked God for giving them the spirit to wait for 27yrs before having their first child saying what He cannot do does not really exist for putting smiles on their faces after 27yrs.

The couple thanked God for the grace to wait to say 27yrs is not 27 minutes as they share their joy with others encouraging them with their story for being able to wait for 27yrs to have their own child held in their arms.

According to them, waiting on God is really golden and He also gave them the spirit to be able to wait for the 27yrs that they have been waiting to have their own child as waiting for 27yrs is not the same as waiting for 27 minutes.

They then called on all gospel or Christian singers and performing artists to raise their voices of praise in adoration to Jehovah as the joy that he has brought into their hearts with this after 27yrs is just overwhelming to them.

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