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A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her heart-breaking experience in her relationship with her boyfriend.

The lady whose identity was concealed in this post revealed that she once had an affair with the father of her boyfriend three years ago and the man has vowed never to let her marry his son.

According to the post shared on Facebook in a group called ‘Marriage Without Tear’ by one Evangelist Femi, the girl’s boyfriend has invited her to come and see his parents but knowing what she had with her boyfriend’s father, she is reluctant.

However, she established that she knew the father of her boyfriend before meeting her boyfriend and she is therefore seeking advice on what to do as she is contemplating on continue in the fight or share the secret with her boyfriend.

She wrote;

“Please let nobody judge me. I had an affair with my boyfriend’s father years before I knew his son.

Three years ago, my boyfriend proposed to me and his father is saying over his dead body would he see us get married. He invited me over a week ago to come and see him, but I refused to go because I know he wants something to do with me. Should I tell my fiance or continue to fight the battle?”

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