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Actress Kate Henshaw knocks a troll who pitied her for lifting metals asking whether she does anything else from lifting weight.

The lady reacting to a photo of Kate Henshaw said if all females were like her, there will be hunger in the house asking her to be careful because men are scared of action ladies insinuating that she will drive the men around her away because of that.

Kate Henshaw reacting to that knocked down the troll asking whether she should add him to the list of weak men who are scared of action women as lifting weights is the exclusive preserve of men and women aren’t supposed to lift a weight.

She went ahead to ask why will there be hunger in the house when she chooses to look after her health wondering the alternative universe the troll reside in as ladies of today lift up weight and men aren’t even bothered about that.

Kate Henshaw sees lifting weight as an ordinary exercise but the troll who seems to be in the 15th century sees it as if she’s building her body to suppress the men around her reason why he pitied her and her family over hunger.

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