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Actress Iyabo Ojo has vowed to re-arrest Baba Ijesha if he’s granted bail to seek justice for the young girl he molested and confessed to that.

According to Iyabo Ojo, based on the video she watched, if Baba Ijesha is released tomorrow as the police said, she will do her best to re-arrest him for justice to be served as it appears some people are trying to temper with the law.

Touching a minor in a sensitive way is punishable by law and that the CCTV showed Baba Ijesha was touching the young girl and he even confirmed every allegation leveled against him hence there was no way he was supposed to be granted bail.

But then, just as Iyabo Ojo initially said, some influential people are trying to get him out at all cost even though he’s guilty one way or the other and Iyabo Ojo and some other actresses have vowed to re-arrest him and make sure justice prevails.

No one is against Baba Ijesha but the fact that he molested a minor who recognized and pointed him as his perpetrator is something almost everyone is condemning demanding that justice take place but a few are defending him.

Some citizens have slammed and cursed all those defending Baba Ijesha that their children will experience the worst that the 7yr old girl experienced for them to understand why they are fighting and demanding justice for the young girl.

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