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Actor Alex Ekubo has shared how one can live in Nigeria with all that is going on and not stress themselves with the happenings in the country to have peace of mind.

Alex Ekubo in his daily motivational speech decided to share with his fans and followers in Nigeria how they can live in the country and have the peace they’ve been yearning for but aren’t getting.

According to him, to have peace of mind with all the crises in Nigeria now, you have to live as if you are not a Nigerian and not bother yourself with all that is going on by getting yourself busy with things in other countries.

Alex Ekubo advised that one should not listen to the heartbreaking news in Nigeria but rather listen to some other news in any other country of their choice to take their mind off the sad and heartbreaking news in Nigeria.

This is a temporal solution as to how to live peacefully in Nigeria and it might help a lot of people but might not help others who just can’t turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to what is happening in their beloved country.

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