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Critics piled on Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. over his conduct at the confirmation hearing of SCOTUS nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett was repeatedly grilled by Democratic lawmakers over her past comments about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which another legal challenge to the Obama-era legislation is set to be heard by the Supreme Court just one week after the election.

Booker pressed Barrett if it’s “unreasonable for people to fear” that the ACA would be overturned with her on the bench following President Trump’s previous commitments to select appointees who would reverse its legality. DEMOCRATS ATTACK AMY CONEY BARRETT FOR SAYING ‘SEXUAL PREFERENCE,’ BUT BIDEN USED SAME TERM IN MAY”Well Senator, I want to stress to you, Senator Booker, as I have stressed to some of your colleagues today that I am my own person,” Barrett responded. “Independent under Article Three. And I don’t take orders from the executive branch or the legislative branch-“”I understand that,” Booker interrupted. “Can I restate my question because I don’t think you’re understanding it… I’m just asking you as an act of empathy, can you understand the fears exhibited by the people we put up?”The Hill media reporter Joe Concha observed that Booker “interrupted Barrett 9 times in less than 20 minutes.”However, other critics accused the former presidential candidate of “mansplaining” the female Trump appointee. “Why did Corey Booker ask her a question, then interrupt her answer? #Mansplaining” RedState contributor Mickey White reacted. MSNBC’S CHRIS HAYES ACCUSES GOP OF TRADING ‘HUNDRED THOUSAND AMERICAN LIVES’ FOR BARRETT’S SCOTUS SEAT”Cory Booker is mansplaining. Those are your rules,” writer Carmine Sabia tweeted.”Cory Booker can’t stop ‘manterrupting’ Amy Coney Barrett with his ‘mansplaining.’ Where’s the left on these egregious acts of misogyny?” Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong asked.The subject of “mansplaining” was highly prevalent during last week’s vice presidential debate with members of the mainstream media accusing Vice President Mike Pence of “mansplaining” Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.”Mike Pence is a former television commentator, does have a very calm demeanor, but I think that a lot of people were noticing some ‘mansplaining’ going on tonight,” ABC News anchor George Stephanopolous said.”I don’t know. I didn’t see it that way, George. It didn’t come across to me,” former Bush aide Sara Fagen responded. “I do think that he should have stopped talking a little quicker, but I don’t think he was disrespectful of either woman.”ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz also dismissed the idea that Pence was “mansplaining.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”When I hear people … talk about mansplaining and talk about these things with Kamala Harris and [say], ‘A man shouldn’t interrupt her and it’s going to look bad’ … Kamala Harris is a vice-presidential candidate. She should be able to stand up for herself,” Raddatz told Stephanopoulos later in the program.”Yes, it’s history-making. Yes, you can talk about her history and who she is and she’s a woman of color there, but a man can interrupt another vice presidential candidate,” Raddatz went on. “It is up to that candidate to talk back, to interrupt themselves, or to hold on to that debate in any way they could.”
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