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Taco Bell has been tightening its menu, much to the vexation of its fans. But now it appears the fast food chain has gone a step too far in its removal of the Mexican Pizza – a double-layered tostada with beef, beans, “Mexican pizza sauce” and cheese melted on top.


The Mexican Pizza, along with other menu items, is set to be removed Nov. 5.
(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell)A petition was started to save the Mexican Pizza, which is set to leave the menu on November 5.CHIPOTLE SHARES RECIPE FOR ITS TORTILLA CHIPS IN POPULAR VIDEOUnlike other eliminations, like the pico de gallo and potato taco, the specialty item appears to have struck a chord with “especially the South Asian community,” according to the post.‘SECRET’ TACO BELL MENU ITEM REVEALED ON TIKTOK REVIVES INTEREST IN DISCONTINUED DISH“Losing this item would not only be the loss of one of our favorite foods but a piece of our childhood & heritage as Indian Americans,” the petition shares – a claim it backs up, in part, with several personal essays declaring Taco Bell as popular with South Asians as it was one of the only chains that had vegetarian options available. The Mexican Pizza can be made without beef, like most of Taco Bell’s menu.
Taco Bell has been streamlining its menu recently.
The petition has a call to action for Mexican Pizza lovers to “buy as many Mexican Pizzas as possible to drive their numbers,” as well as sign and share the petition. The plea had nearly 105K signatures of the 150K goal mark as of Monday evening.It does not appear Taco Bell will be changing it’s mind, despite what it’s website says: “And who wants to live in a world with no Mexican Pizza? Spoiler alert, but the answer is no one,” Taco Bell’s description of the Mexican Pizza reads. In a statement sent to Fox News, Taco Bell explains the removal “as part of our final 2020 menu revamp.” “While we understand our fans are bummed to see it go, streamlining our menu opens the door for future food innovations that we know our fans will love just as much. We’ve enjoyed seeing fans and influencers share their fondest Mexican Pizza memories on social, and this past week, we gave it the sendoff it deserves with a tribute on Instagram. Although saying goodbye was a tough decision to make, we’ve loved the passion and energy our fans have showed us and want them to know we’re always listening and we care.”
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