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The remediation of the Third Mainland bridge is coming out as promised.
Third Mainland Bridge closure reason companies should consider coworking  spaces | by Udoh N. Kelven | Medium

The remediation of the Third Mainland bridge is coming out as promised.

As the renowned Kenyan historian, late Professor Ali Mazrui put it in his 1980 lecture, Africa is the first continent to be inhabited by man, yet it is the last to become truly habitable.

If Mazrui should come back today, he would find that Africa has inched forward, counting Botswana, his native Kenya and even Ghana. But he wouldn’t be convinced enough to upturn his paradox, not yet. Nigeria which is the largest habitation of man on the continent has not definitely walked the road to development. In fact, in all indices of development, the nation has regressed from where it was in the mid-1960s. Nigeria has indeed become less habitable than it was in the decade of independence.

By comparison, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Brazil and others who were on the same pedestal with this nation have since soared and joined the developed world. They have since replaced Europe and America as the sources of goods that signpost modern living. Nigeria remains the importer and consumer of modern living while contributing next to nothing. Indeed, Nigeria remains one of the least habitable in terms of the requirements for modern living – infrastructure and social services.

When a nation is so starved of development, while watching peers grow in leaps and bounds; when a nation is done in, not by forces of occupation, but by its own citizens; the outcome is a restlessness bordering on the irrational, if not maniacal.

Such has been the case of Nigeria which over the past 60 years of independence has been led by homegrown rulers, civilian and military, all of whom practically put development unrelentingly on the reverse gear.

Under this scenario, the populace is in a catch-up frenzy – turbo-driven. The announcement of the intention to build a fourth Mainland Bridge in Lagos, a new airport here and there, new super-highways and the like are what generate hope in the masses. Understandably so.

But upon some reflection, one would realize that the desired new development cannot stand and be sufficient all by themselves. A new bridge would be overwhelmed if it’s the only one available; ditto for a new airport or a new hospital. The desired new infrastructure or social service has to rest on what is already available to deliver the expected results. The new would eventually replace the old (and in turn get replaced), but this movement has to be phased to deliver maximum benefits.

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