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With #EndSARS protesters continuing to block the airport expressway, has been documenting the scene as it unfolds.

Despite motorists being stuck for hours, the majority of people remain supportive of the protesters. Below are series of images capturing the historical moments.

Young people wave the Nigerian flag as they protest joyously People stuck in the mammoth traffic jam enjoy a game of chess to pass the time.

Protester holds a Nigeria flag as people hold a vigil for those who have died during the protest whole others light candles to honour the dead. A participant in the EndSARS protests displaying a now popular slogan

A man stuck in the traffic jam enjoys a lie down after hours in such tensed atmosphere. Protesters block traffic as they hunker down for the night, protesting against SARS

People resigned to their fate wait out the traffic jam after five hours spent on the road. A participant in the #EndSARS protest displaying a now popular slogan.


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