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As the End SARS crisis continues across the country, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has outlined some rules for the youths.

Kanu who is a strong supporter of the ongoing nationwide protests, said the youths must remain united and not allow themselves to be used by politicians.

Nnamdi Kanu, who posted what he called the, ‘Cardinal Rules of this Revolution’, warned the youths against attacks on banks, private homes and businesses, mosques, and churches, or Nigerian citizens.

The IPOB leader further asked the youths to demand to see the President and also insist that he address Nigerians in English and Fulfude.

Kanu explained that the youths should further ask that Buhari should answer questions live from Nigerian youths via a phone-in.

He added in a Facebook post, this is the “Cardinal Rules of this Revolution: No attack on Banks.

“No attack on private homes and businesses. No ethnic bigotry, Nigerian youths are united. No attack on mosques and churches.
“No attack on fellow citizens. Arrest every corrupt politician and traitor regardless of tribe or ethnicity.

“DEMAND TO SEE BUHARI IN PERSON. He must address Nigerians in English and Fulfude. ‘Buhari’ should answer questions LIVE from Nigerian youths via a phone-in.

“Nigerian youths have demonstrated how formidable they are, they MUST destroy everything that has been destroying their lives especially bad government.”

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