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Sadiya Umar Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, is inspecting floods again from an aircraft.

On Friday, Sadiya Umar Farouq, on Twitter, posted photos of her looking out the window during the assessment. It tweeted that She embarked on an official visit to Kebbi State on a Nigeria Air Force surveillance aircraft.

“The aircraft made a detour and flew low over the banks of river Niger from Kainji in Niger State up to Yauri in Kebbi State for the HM to assess the impact of the flood on the river banks.”

The update was provided 24 hours after a similar one that triggered derision on social media. In flood situations globally, government officials and experts use choppers and drones for a close-up view.

The latest tweet is generating reactions.

“Trying to reposition your previous post, still irrelevant anyways. Just one drone would have saved us the resources wasted on the Nigeria Airforce aircraft”, Adewale Majofodun tweeted.

“This is so embarrassing with the level of cheaper technology, why fly a private jet to get an aerial view. Please take it down”, AM Audu wrote.

See pictures below:

images 25
images 24
Sadiya Farouq 1


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