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As at the morning of Tuesday, September 1, Kogi, Zamfara and Yobe States have no COVID-19 patient on admission.

It was confirmed from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)’s website. Zamfara has had 78 confirmed cases. Out of that number, 73 patients have been discharged, while five died.

In Kogi, there have been five confirmed COVID-19 cases. Three have tested negative and were discharged, while two casualties have been recorded. Of the 67 cases recorded in Yobe state, 59 have been discharged and eight patients died.

On Thursday night, NCDC announced 143 new cases across 18 States in the country. It brought the total to 54,008 cases. 41,638 have been discharged, while 1,013 deaths have been recorded.


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