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The Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Mr Eyo O. Ekpo has condemned the non-appointment of Chief Judge of Cross River State by the State Government.

Mr Ekpo who spoke on Thursday lamented the non-appointment of the State Chief Judge, noting that it’s unusual and unprecedented in the history of Cross River State.

“It’s unusual, it’s unprecedented and in the case of Cross River State, it’s simply borne out of an inanimate desire to control the Judiciary. The National Judicial Council (NJC) knows what to do, the State House of Assembly knows what to do and the Governor knows what to do. The rules of appointing State Chief Judge have been abused completely. Somebody is taking advantage of the fact that the legislators are not together,” he stated.

He explained that the Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade had already made his position known long ago. He thought that the Chief Judge’s appointment is a matter for quota system. That, even when they have no Chief Judge in the North, whether the person is legible or not, he or she has to be appointed.

Mr Ekpo said, “I will not waste my time to advise the Governor because the Governor is above advice.

“The Governor of Cross River State is beyond advice. The Governor of Cross River State does not respect advice. He knows everything and sees everything.

“The State of origin of a Judge to be appointed is not a relevant criterion anywhere for the appointment of Chief Judge of a State. There are many Judges in many states who are not from those states. The decision of the State House of Assembly was to create bad blood between the Cross River and Akwa Ibom States which is regrettable,” he further stated.


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