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Cesar Duarte, an outlaw ex-governor of the north Mexico state of Chihuahua was captured in Miami on Wednesday July 8.

His incarceration came after Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador paid a formal visit to the United States for talks with President Trump.


Asides being indicted of swiping hundreds of cows imported by the state to aid small-scale Mexican breeders replace their herds after a damaging drought, he is likewise charged of living an extravagant life-style and also making use of an official helicopter to fly loved ones to his cattle ranch on weekends.

The Governor that ran away in 2017 after he was charged of misappropriating public funds, currently faces extradition to Mexico where he is faces corruption charges for apparently embezzling around $52 million in public funds.

Duarte that is projected to appear at a government court hearing in Miami in the following 72 hrs to be notified of the charges versus him in Mexico, faces at minimum 8 state as well as government charges.


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