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A seven-man committee on the Action Recovery Economic Stimulus Programme for Results (CARES) has been inaugurated by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State.

The Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

A World Bank-backed initiative, the committee was set up to mitigate the effects of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable groups as well as medium and small scale enterprises in the state.

Inaugurating the committee in Ilorin, Governor Abdulrazaq, who was represented by the state Finance Commissioner, Oyeyemi Olasunbo Florence, called for diligence and dedication while carrying out the assignment.

Governor Abdulrazaq outlined the objective of the programme saying “It is to ensure the protection of livelihoods and food security for the poor and vulnerable families.”

According to him “the programme also seeks to facilitate quick recovery of economic activities through increasing cash transfers, food security and food supply chains for poor households, and enhancing the capabilities of MSEs in the state,” the governor added.

He explain that the Nigeria CARES programme is a World Bank assisted project for results targeted at existing and new vulnerable households, their food supply chains, and Micro and Small Enterprises affected by the COVID-19 infectious disease.

The committee members are Commissioner for Finance, and team lead, Oyeyemi Olasunbo Florence, Commissioner for Enterprise, Femi Agbaje, Technical Assistant on Agriculture to Governor, Abdul A. Olododo, and Senior Special Assistant on Non-Governmental Affairs, Oloruntoyosi Thomas amongst others.


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