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The horrific moment a rescinded petrol tanker exploded while a lot of people were sweeping up fuel in Colombia, was caught on video.

Reacting to the occurrence: Mayor of Pueblo Viejo, Fabian Obispo stated: “Unfortunately a petrol tanker full of fuel killed and exploded about 7 people.

The event took place on Monday, July 6, on the road linking the communities of Barranquilla and also Cienaga, in north Colombia.

The wounded were taken to a number of healthcare facilities in the location.

When the vessel exploded in north Colombia as individuals were sweeping up fuel, at a minimum 7 individuals were killed as well as more than 50 were harmed.

“More than 50 people are injured. It is a tragic situation that the town of Pueblo Viejo is undergoing,” he said, adding the fatal victims have yet to be identified.


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