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This followed the impressive rescue of a South Korean man abducted by pirates off the coastline of Gabon in early on May.

Moon claimed after the kidnapping, “The federal government placed a 24-hour response system right into operation and also made efforts for the earlier return of the captive. Safeguarding citizen’s lives and safety is the very first obligation of the government”.

South Korean

The person and also 5 nationals of Senegal along with an Indonesia were set loose healthy after 37 days of bondage.

He claimed this in a message of gratitude to the federal governments of Nigeria, Gabon and also France.

He and various other crew members were held captive by pirates throughout strikes on 2 Senegal-flagged fishing vessels.

On Twitter, Moon additionally said thanks to South Korean civil servants and also authorities charged with handling of the issue.

The man in his 50s was liberated in southern Nigeria.

South Korea President, Moon Jae-in, on Wednesday stated that the citizens need to be federal government’s number one priority.

The president even further commended authorities at the foreign ministry’s consular service centre and also local consulates.


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