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A lot of Nigerians are asking when will the Nigerian Police Force be remodelled as new instances of cruelty, subjection to unlawful arrest as well as detention takes a toll in numerous cities in Nigeria.

This held true of Martin Obono, a human rights lawyer, that was detained by the police in the federal capital territory (FCT) for supposedly condemning them.

Verifying his arrest to TheCable, Ndi Kato, a gender advocator, claimed she goes to the police station and that attempts are being made to secure him out of custody.

The continued reported instances of police cruelty has actually developed concerns in the heart of lots of Nigerians.

The lawyer’s apprehension is attached to a rape instance he is handling, which he had actually tweeted with regards to.

Obono was arrested on Friday and also he is being held at a police station in Zone 3, in the Wuse area of the capital city.


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