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A petrol tanker has exploded at the Kara axis of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on Sunday morning.

Comprehensive detailed information of the accident are still unclear however some locals asserted that they could see a wave of smoke from afar after a deafening bang.

Petrol tanker
Petrol tanker Explodes in flames on Kara bridge in Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

As a result of the Federal Government’s curfew to tame the escalate of coronavirus (COVID-19) vehicles that are not able to make it or leave Lagos before 10 pm are generally stranded on the bridge till 6 am when security operatives open up the route to traffic.

The Federal Fire Service pleaded that there must be no vehicular movement around the location as they fight to put out the blazes.

“Kara Bridge Fire, men of the Federal Fire Service are actually at the scene. Please car movements must be stopped around the location,” the tweet read.


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