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A lady died after her lesbian companion purportedly stabbed her to death as well as left her body to decay for days.

SURGENIG reports that Vivian’s body was in her bedroom for 3 days before she was discovered. Initially, her friends were worried that she was missing, however after flies were seen trooping out of her room, the property owner was contacted and they broke into the room to discover Vivian’s decaying body on Monday, June 15.

The deceased, named as Vivian, apparently caught her lesbian partner Spicykvng Vee making love with a guy.


She was presumably still afraid that Vivian may expose her on Facebook so she purportedly stabbed her to death in Delta State and also left to Enugu state after calling Vivian’s mother to inform her that her daughter has traveled.

Spicykvng Vee, that is a well-known stud, was reportedly ashamed after being seen with a man. Troubled regarding her reputation, Spicykvng reportedly apologised to Vivian and she accepted her apology.



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