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A team of white police officers as well as various other civilians in Cary, North Carolina, came together to clean the feet of black protesters while requesting for forgiveness for several years of racial discrimination.

In a video clip shared online by Fabiola Doissaint, the white members of the neighborhood are seen cleansing the feet of black religious leaders, while a guy states a prayer right into a megaphone to repent for their transgressions and historic participation in enslavement as well as fascism against African-Americans.(Black protesters)

The man holding the loudspeaker, while praying, acknowledged that there’s just one race of people. He after that requested for mercy for their white forefathers oppressing, abusing and also suppressing African-Americans.

Not everybody was excited with this. Some individuals responded to the video clip, specifying that the activity of the White individuals was disgraceful.

Black protesters
Black protesters


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